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About Me

I've been playing trombone since 1987. Here are some of the things I've done in that time:

Bands   -   Shows / Musicals   -   Studio Recording   -   TV


Currently a member of:
  • Black Magic Big Band
    Highlights: Playing the Late Late Show (in 2009 & 2013), Cork Jazz Festival, Recording the CDs, Tour of Germany (... well, 1 gig in Cologne)
Past member of:
  • The Horny Devils (Rock, Soul & 70's)
    Highlights: Cork Jazz Festivals
  • Full Trousers (Ska)
  • Galway Concert Orchestra
    Highlights: Actually hitting that top D after 446 bars rest ;-)
  • Sidewinder (small jazz band)
    Highlights: Cork Jazz Festival
  • JaSid (acid jazz originals)
    Highlights: Supporting M-People in the Point Depot, TV appearances, Cork Jazz Festivals, Recording an EP and a number of singles.

TV Recordings:

TV Recording is always interesting. The downside is all those hours of waiting around. I've played live on various shows aired on RTE1, RTE2, and TG4. For example, here are some 'Late Late Show' appearances with the Black Magic Big Band:

With Don Baker & Jim Bartley (Bella Doyle - Fair City) - aired May 2013:

With Jerry Fish & the Mugbug Club - aired 2009: